Man Dies From Electrocution After Truck Strikes Power Line In Catoosa

Friday, July 6th 2018, 11:55 am
By: News On 6

A truck driver is dead after his truck hit a power line Friday. Police said when he exited his truck, he was electrocuted.

Catoosa Fire said the semi caught fire when the tarp that was sticking up hit a power line. Officials said he was already in cardiac arrest when they got here.

Catoosa Police said the truck driver died at the hospital Friday afternoon.

Fire officials said his condition was extremely critical when they arrived on scene.

"The patient's laying on the ground, we pulled him out, he was already in cardiac arrest," said Catoosa Fire Chief Denus Benton.

Chief Benton said they immediately started performing life-saving measures on the man.

"Sometimes he did come around, but he'd fade back away again," Benton said.

  The truck's tarp hit power lines, causing the semi to catch fire.

"We had to let the truck burn because we didn't know if the power wires were shut down or not," Benton said.

He said when the driver got out of the truck, he was electrocuted.

"It's a bad deal for anybody. It's gonna be a family affected, and multiple people even here at work," Benton said.

A medical helicopter was flown in, but an ambulance ultimately took the truck driver to the hospital so first responders could continue giving him CPR.

"Unfortunately, CPR was being done on the patient as he left here," Benton said.

The victim's name has not been released.

News On 6 talked to the trucking company but they didn't want to comment.