ME: No Trauma Found On Body Inside Tulsa Home

Thursday, May 17th 2018, 1:53 pm

The state medical examiner is handling the autopsy of a man found dead inside a home in north Tulsa.

Police say a 39-year-old man was dead inside a house; at first, it was considered suspicious, but now police say it looks like it was not a homicide.

The discovery prompted a large police response to question several people in the house when the man was found.

Police say the house appeared to be used by squatters but the man who died belonged there.

Police took several hours to process the scene and let the medical examiner come in for a look.

"No obvious signs of trauma at this point. There are some issues that we have to work through," Sergeant Dave Walker said.

Police say those issues included conflicting stories from people in the house and some blood, but, for now, it's up to the medical examiner, and they do not consider it a suspicious death.