Arming Teachers: Oklahoma Teachers And Firearms Experts Weigh In

Tuesday, February 27th 2018, 9:37 pm
By: Brian Dorman

Gun safety, guns in schools, and gun laws remain front and center after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Some of the debates are happening right here in Oklahoma, along with a student-led march for stricter gun control.

It's a topic that many, on all sides of the issues, are passionate about.  For most, it comes down to safety.

"Home defense is very important, I think, in any family, just in case with the crime rate very high," said Duane Preciado.

Preciado has started teaching his fiance how to shoot.

What she learns at the shooting range, he hopes could save her life if someone breaks into her home.

Preciado believes that "it's important to know you can defend yourself, defend your house and your family."

But when it comes to teachers armed and trained with guns, Preciado's on the fence. 

"I'm not necessarily sure how I feel about guns in schools," said Preciado.

"My mind is on teaching reading," said teacher Karol Duffy.  "I can't switch gears like that and shoot somebody.  No."

Teachers like Duffy met at the capitol Tuesday demanding what some are calling sensible gun laws.  But local gun expert Bob Long, who teaches gun safety classes, says armed teachers are necessary for safe schools.

Long says "teachers need to have the same level of training and be able to deploy the weapon, being able to hit the target,save lives as police do."

Long is convinced that had someone been armed and trained in Columbine, Pulse Nightclub, and the Florida high school fewer people would have been killed.

"If we trust our teachers to educate our children," stated Long, "then we should give them the tools to also protect the children."

Long wants to make it clear that some teachers are anti-gun and, therefore, it shouldn't be mandatory for all teachers to be trained on how to use a firearm, but if there are a handful who are, he thinks that will keep schools safer in the future.