Owasso High School Investigates Student Fight Video

Friday, September 22nd 2017, 6:43 pm
By: News On 6

Owasso parents are upset about a brawl between two high school students that was caught on video and posted online.

Parents said they're concerned about student safety.

The video is hard to watch, but has parents upset about why students are just filming and not getting help.

This video shows two male students fighting and screaming as their classmates egg them on.

But that's not what parents we spoke to find most disturbing.

"That is the most ridiculous video that I have seen, where are the adults?" said Belva Williams, parent.

The fight happening so long without adult intervention has parents worried.

"I think in situations when you have a group of kids like this there definitely needs to be some supervision," said Tim Deitz, parent.

Parents admit teachers work in a difficult environment, but most believe someone should have stopped the fight sooner. 

"If the teacher didn't think that he or she could break it up there's no reason for them to get in the middle of that, so I understand why they may not have. But, either way it's still not acceptable for the kids to be fighting," said Cady Mitchell, parent.

Owasso High School Principal Mark Officer said a teacher was outside, but went inside to look for help.

He said a teacher may intervene physically, but they're not required to do so if they feel it isn't safe.

"I don't meet with our teachers and say do this, or don't do that. We trust them to make professional decisions and to take care of kids the way they see fit," Officer said.

Officer said he's confident in the student code of conduct and the enforcement of that code.

He would not comment on whether any disciplinary action was taken.

Officers said a report has been completed and the incident is under investigation.