Tulsa Dentist Seeking To Reacquire License Concerns Former Patient

Wednesday, August 17th 2016, 7:14 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa dentist who gave up his license five years ago after a state investigation now wants it back.

Before Dr. William Letcher lost his license then, the state had suspended it for a year and put him on probation for six years.

Many of his patients have a long list of complaints about him and worry about what might happen if he gets his license back.

They said he was using his patients at human guinea pigs, taking their painkillers for his own use and was a menace to the public.

"I was appalled,” said former patient Donna Nikols. “Simply appalled that he would even try to go back and try to get his license back."

Nikols and several other of Letcher’s patients all had similar complaints - the teeth he installed didn't fit, cracked and caused them great pain.

They'd spent between $15,000 and $50,000 with him, then, thousands more later for other dentists to fix the problems.

"When I think of him getting his license back, oh no," Nikols said.

Patients accused Letcher of putting them under sedation when he wasn't licensed to do so. They say he also took their painkillers for his own use.

When the state suspended his license and put him on probation in 2000, they ordered him to go to rehab. They say he went back to rehab in 2010 after new allegations surfaced.

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Records show he just got convicted two days ago of driving down the wrong side of the street while under the influence of sleeping pills.

Lori: "Do you think this is a man who should ever practice again?"
Nikols: "No, no, I want to make it clear, he should never be allowed another victim."

I left a message at Letcher's home but didn't hear back. His attorney said he just got the case and needs more time to study the file.

Anyone who wants to protest Letcher getting his license back can attend the hearing on Friday in OKC or email the state dentistry board at brittany.parrott@dentistry.ok.gov.