Tulsa Woman Excited To Move Into 'Tiny House'

Monday, March 7th 2016, 5:42 pm
By: News On 6

Imagine trading in where ever you are living now, for a tiny house that’s only 175 square feet.

For one Tulsa woman, a tiny house might be considered an upgrade.

Taylor Painter-Wolfe is building a tiny house in her parents’ driveway. She’s excited to get it finished so she can move in.

"I rode my bike down the west coast from Olympia Washington to Mexico and then through part of the Southwest and Florida," she said.

She camped wherever she went and pulled a bike trailer with all her stuff. When she came home, she decided to build a Tiny House.

"You have your sense of home and your own space and everything, but you can still be mobile and go where you want," Painter-Wolfe said.

Where she'll eventually live in it is still an unknown.

She said, "The permitting issues with that are a little bit tricky."

Meaning, the City of Tulsa has not a lot of experience with these things, so she is kind of a tiny house trail-blazer.

She's got some professional help putting it together to make it as efficient as possible.

"Have to make everything as functional as possible, while still making it fit into a small space," Painter-Wolfe said.

She thinks they'll be done with the house in about three weeks.