Tulsa Woman Who Claimed To Cure Cancer Guilty On 29 Counts

Wednesday, February 10th 2016, 3:33 pm
By: News On 6

A woman charged with a million dollar cancer treatment scheme was convicted on 29 counts of fraud Wednesday.

Antonella Carpenter is accused of injecting cancer patients with a saline and dye solution, claiming it cures cancer.

With her trademark pink hair, Carpenter needed help walking to the podium after the convictions were handed down - guilty on 29 counts; she could face ten to 20 years for each one.

For nearly six years, investigators say Carpenter cheated cancer patients out of their money and gave them false hope.

"These people should have been seeking treatment that could either extend their lives or saved their lives. Instead, she was receiving monies for a procedure that did not work," said U.S. Attorney, Danny Williams.

In October 2014, she was indicted on 41 charges - including travel fraud, wire fraud and mail fraud.

The federal charges claim Carpenter, now 71, encouraged patients to travel to Oklahoma for treatment and took money for the cancer removal procedure she claimed was 100 percent effective.

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Court documents show Carpenter treated patients at her Owasso and Broken Arrow clinics by injecting them with a mixture of saline solution and ordinary food dye, or walnut hull extract. She would then perform laser treatments on the patient.

Williams said, “I wouldn't call it bizarre, I would call it fraud. I would call the promise that she made to these people, who were desperate, a crime. And we felt very good when we indicted the case."

The 41 charges were filed after the FDA launched its own investigation. By then, former patients were suing Carpenter.

At the end of the nearly month-long trial, the court read the jury's verdicts - guilty of 29 counts, not guilty on nine, and they were unable to reach a unanimous verdict on three.

"I think she did not anticipate she was going to be convicted today and she seemed to be in shock," Williams said.

We tried to speak to Carpenter and her attorneys but they left without comment.

Carpenter is being allowed to stay out of jail on bond until she is sentenced; no word yet on when that will happen.