Cleanup Beginning For Oklahoma Families Hit By Flooding

Tuesday, January 5th 2016, 7:10 pm
By: News On 6

The cleanup is just beginning after devastating floods in eastern Oklahoma - including an area below the Pensacola Dam, south of Langley, where they saw historic levels of flooding.

The Miller family said they lost just about everything after floodwaters reached about eight feet high.

The water rushed in so fast it ripped chunks out of the ground and lifted their neighbors’ house off the foundation and into their driveway.

Butch Miller said, "I'm just in a daze. You work all of your life and suddenly it's all gone. But it just shows you, you're not to hold onto those things like that."

Inside Butch and Cheryl Miller's house the soaked carpet is covered with trash; outside, on their lawn, is furniture, a tipped over truck and someone else's house.

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"It's all ruined. It's a big mess is what it is," Cheryl said.

With 48 years of marriage - ten of them in the house - you'll find all sorts of memories - like years of markings to show how much the grandchildren have grown and old pictures.

"Where do you actually start,” Cheryl asked. “You have to have ground zero and you have to sit down and actually, literally, have to think about it."

The house sits about five feet off the ground, but three feet of water still made it inside.

"We've been here ten years and have seen three floods, but never to the point where it threatened the house," Butch said.

When the flooding started, the Millers figured they'd wait it out.

With the water rising, they called for help.

Now, days later, they're still in shock.

"You realized the force of the water, how dangerous it really was," Cheryl said.

The Millers have insurance and are going through the process of taking everything out of the house.

At this time, they still aren't sure if they are going to move back in.