Flooding Wipes Out Part Of Iconic Mayes County Bridge

Wednesday, December 30th 2015, 5:49 pm
By: Richard Clark

Flooding tore away a section of the old Lindsey Mayes Bridge overnight.

Built decades ago, only three sections of the original steel truss bridge were still standing until high water swept away one of the sections this week.

The bridge carried 437 Road over the Neosho/Grand River. A modern concrete structure had replaced the old truss bridge years ago when the truss bridge was closed to traffic. The section that disappeared didn't have much decking left on it.

Alex Brown, who lives near the bridge, said she was heading to work Wednesday morning when she noticed one of the three sections of the bridge was gone. She said it was there on Tuesday, December 29, 2015. An aerial photo taken by Congressman Markwayne Mullin during a tour of flooding in the area confirms it was still there on Tuesday.

Brown shot video of the rushing water and missing span on Wednesday and shared it on the News On Facebook page

No one is sure when the original bridge was built, but some say it's almost 100 years old. The other sections of the bridge had been swept away long ago.