Deputies Seize 'Malnourished' Horses, Dogs South Of Bartlesville

Thursday, August 22nd 2013, 10:33 am
By: Craig Day

Sheriff's deputies plan to forward an animal neglect case to the Washington County district attorney's office after finding nearly a dozen malnourished horses on land south of Bartlesville.

A veterinarian treating the horses says without proper care and nourishment, some of the horses would have survived only a few more months.

After getting a call about a malnourished horse on property on 2300 Road, Washington County Sheriff's deputies actually found ten malnourished horses. Several were very weak.

"We've taken several calls like this in the past, but this one here is probably one of the worst ones I've seen as far as weight on a horse," said Sheriff Captain Gary Miller.

The 10 acre property is covered in weeds, brush and trees and has very little grass.

The horses were taken by deputies to be cared for and nursed back to good health by a veterinarian. Two of the horses were so weak, they stumbled to the ground getting off the trailer.

"They were starving," said Sheriff Captain Gary Miller. "You can definitely see the ribs, you can see the backbone on these horses."

The veterinarian is checking the horses for any diseases and treating minor cuts and scrapes.

The owner told deputies the horses were being fed, but investigators say it wasn't enough, and the horses were obviously not getting the care they need.

"For what she's feeding them, it just was not enough," said Sheriff Captain Gary Miller.

Deputies are not releasing the name of the horse owner while the investigation is underway, but say she could face animal neglect charges. The horses were placed with an animal rescue organization.

Five dogs on the property were also in poor shape and were seized by deputies as well and placed with an animal welfare group.