Wagoner County Family Upset After Pitbull Attack

Wednesday, May 23rd 2012, 9:48 pm

A Green Country family says their protective pooch saved three neighborhood kids from a pit bull attack. The family is upset because they say it's not the first time this has happened.

"He's just a normal dog," Allie McMaster said, describing her dog Wolf. "He just barks a lot when things go by and chases cars sometimes."

McMaster and her family moved into the Wagoner County home back in January. Wolf came with the house and was instantly part of the family.

"He just sort of started hanging with us and loved us and we love him," Allie said.

Wolf is the kind of dog anyone would want on their side. A loving pooch with a protective instinct.

"Wolf always follows the kids home to make sure they get home safe," Mark Bell said.

Mark Bell says that's what Wolf was doing Saturday when three pit bulls tried to attack three neighborhood kids.

"When the pit bulls got out, Wolf got in front, between the pit bull and the little friend, and he's the one that got attacked," Bell said.

Ten stitches and a $600 vet bill later, Wolf is on the mend, and it's not the first time either.

"He's been attacked several times," Bell said. "I'm tired of it. I want something done."

Bell did contact the Wagoner County Sheriff's office, but the county has no animal ordinance in place, which means there's not much they can do other than take down the report.

"The only thing they said I could do is if they try to attack me I can shoot them," Bell said. "I will not have a problem shooting them."

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office said residents do have the right to protect themselves, their children and pets if attacked.

The pit bulls are fenced in, but Bell says they are frequently running loose in the neighborhood. He says he plans on taking legal action against the owners of the pit bulls.