DAMARIS! What were you thinking?

Friday, August 26th 2011, 4:46 pm
By: News On 6

Casual fans around the state may have written off Tulsa's chances of beating Oklahoma in next week's season opener before today's news. Superstar wide receiver Damaris Johnson is suspended indefinitely from the team. The fact that he most likely will not play against the Sooners, or any other team this year, makes the Golden Hurricane's chances of winning that huge matchup closer to nill than ever before.

Johnson IS Tulsa. He's their top receiver and play maker. He is the NCAA career all-purpose yardage leader and is capable of scoring on any given play. The coaches salivate over his talent and dream up ideas for new ways to get the ball in his hands. They call him the smartest guy out there… yet he made the dumbest move he's ever made at the worst time he could have made it.

He's listed in a police report as paying just a handful of dollars for over $2,800 worth of merchandise with his girlfriend's debit card at Macy's. Coaches rave about his future. Now, it may not be much of one.

Damaris told me at media day: "I'm just hoping to get this degree from the University of Tulsa that I worked so hard for and (then) just walking away with that paper and my mom and my family just supporting me".

I like Damaris. He's a good guy. This mistake makes me wonder what was going through his head.

He went on to say that he wants to be a football coach when he graduates so that he can be the type of role model and father figure to young kids, the same way his coaches were for him.

How could he make this kind of blunder at this point in his life and football career? His college career could be over at this point. He won't play another down until this mess is sorted out.

Tulsa needs him. He's their best player and would have given them the best shot at beating OU next Saturday. Now, who knows if we'll ever see him in a uniform again?