Interim Health Commissioner Updates Possible Timeline For COVID-19 Vaccine

Tuesday, October 6th 2020, 6:15 pm
By: Erica Rankin


Oklahoma’s interim Health Commissioner said he’s getting a better idea on when we could see a COVID-19 vaccine.

Interim Health Commissioner Lance Frye said Oklahoma looks good with testing and hospital capacity despite a continuous rise in cases.

Commissioner Frye said back in March at the start of the pandemic, Oklahoma was limited to around 100 coronavirus tests a day, which were reserved for the most at-risk populations. Today the state can perform roughly 6500 tests a day, which he said is enough to test anyone who needs one.

There is a big push for the COVID-19 vaccine, which Frye said Oklahoma could start seeing in the state any time after November 1.

A lot of thought and collaboration goes into the plan, including how they will distribute the vaccine and who will be among the first to receive it.

Board officials said Oklahoma’s Pandemic Vaccine plan is due October 15.