Volunteers Helping People Affected By New Mexico Wildfires & Seminole Tornado

Wednesday, May 11th 2022, 9:20 pm

Volunteers with an Oklahoma disaster relief ministry are helping victims of a huge wildfire in New Mexico. They're also helping those in Seminole with tornado cleanup.

Once the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief group is done in New Mexico, many are the team members are going to help flood victims in Green Country.

They'll tell you the phrase 'when it rains, it pours' reigns true now more than ever.

Cleanup is still under way across Oklahoma after last week's tornado in Seminole ripped up parts of town and rain flooded Northeast Oklahoma.

"This just really shows how fast our belongings can be gone and we shouldn't put our hope and our faith in what we have," said Brent Headrick.

Now, a fast-moving wildfire is burning hundreds of thousands of acres in New Mexico.

"The ash is blowing up here everywhere. You smell, sometimes, different fuels. Sometimes tanks: suer tanks are bad. Sometimes it's that type of smell. Yeah, it's hot. Hot and dusty," said Barb Headrick.

Brent Headrick, his wife Barb, and 19 others with the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief are putting in full days in Ruidoso this week.

They're sleeping in church classrooms and using shower and laundry trailers.

"We're devastated and we're overwhelmed but we work as a team and... gets done," said Barb.

"Each morning's a new light," said Brent.

They said the wildfire forced residents out of their homes in time to see flames devour their belongings.

"It's like tornadoes. One home is burned to the ground and the other one didn't get touched," said Brent. "We've done this before so we kind of knew, but you're still shocked at how everything is just gone. There's nothing left."

The group's goal is to clear homes so residents can start to rebuild.

"Clean all the ash. Get all the metal out. All the ash. The foundation walls come down," said Brent. "They're grateful for the help. You know, just life doesn't stop for this. They still have to go to work. Bills keep coming in. They still have to live life. And so, for us to be able to come in and do this part of it for them is a huge relief for them."

The Headrick's believe this is what God is calling them to do and they're leaning on the power of prayer every step of the way.

"Showing us what to say and showing us how to respond to different situations. When we do encounter a homeowner, just the kindness and the gentleness that we need to have," said Barb. "The main verse that I usually put in there is Philippians Chapter 4 starting in verse 4, and it's, 'Rejoice in the Lord,' and it goes on to say that 'be anxious for nothing and in everything the Lord is our answer,' to give our petitions and our prayers to him."

Another Oklahoma team will head to Ruidoso next week to finish up what they started. Click here to learn more.