TULSA, OK -- A Tulsa car dealership came close to delivering a huge Christmas gift for dozens of car buyers, thanks to last week's blizzard. 

Nelson Mazda had offered to refund the price of all the cars it sold between November 19th and December 18th, if at least four inches of snow fell at Tulsa International Airport on Christmas day.

As everyone in the Tulsa area knows, last week's blizzard dumped much more than four inches of snow, but almost all of it fell on Christmas eve.

Brandon Murphy, general manager of Nelson Mazda, said only .6 of an inch of new snow fell at the airport on Christmas day.

Murphy said the company had bought an insurance policy to cover the possible pay-off and that the insurance company estimated its probability of having to pay at only 4 percent.

He said 40 people would have qualified had the snowfall cooperated and the promotion created tremendous buzz.

"It was definitely worth the word of mouth excitement on Christmas day of people talking about it," according to Murphy.

Murphy said it was tough to sleep Christmas eve because he was hoping the snow would keep falling through the night.  He said the dealership would have received national attention if the snow had fallen on Christmas day and all those buyers would have had their purchase prices refunded.

The dealership is already thinking about how to top the promotion next year.