By Jeffrey Smith, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- If you have to be out on the roads in sub zero wind chill conditions, AAA says you need to be prepared.

If you're only driving to work, or to the grocery store, how worried do you really have to be?

AAA says no one should be panicking when it gets this cold but a few simple steps can mean the world in an emergency.

You need to keep some junk in your trunk. They suggest keeping an old blanket for warmth. I also have an old sweatshirt, too. AAA says take a bag and throw some snacks and water in it.

AAA says booster cables are probably the most important thing.

"Take booster cables since the battery is your key issue in the cold," said Scott Norman, AAA Oklahoma.

AAA says many drivers do not realize most people break down close to home, not on long road trips.

If your car will not start for even an hour, in this weather, it can be dangerous.

"Most people break down within 10 miles from their house. So even a trip to the store can turn disastrous if the weather is this bad, and you run off the road, and you are trapped there with nothing to keep you warm," Norman said.

AAA says in freezing temperatures; keep your gas tank at least half full. That adds weight to the car, and prevents freezing.

"Everybody thinks they're staying close to home, so they're going to be safe but anything can happen," Norman said.

The car itself will have its own issues when it gets this cold.