TULSA, OK -- Two people are in custody after Tulsa Police walked in on a meth lab in east Tulsa Thursday morning.  

Police say they went to the home shortly before 6 a.m. Thursday to serve a misdemeanor warrant, when a woman told them her boyfriend was cooking meth in a back room. 

Police then called Tulsa Fire to the home near 129th East Avenue on 27th Street, to help secure the scene. 

Firefighters had to break a bedroom window to allow fumes from the meth lab to dissipate. 

Police arrested 28-year-old Candis Browning and 43-year-old Mark Abbett.

Two relatives of Browning, a man and a woman, were taken out of the home and were checked out by EMSA paramedics and released. 

Police say the relatives were unaware of what Browning and Abbett were allegedly doing in the home. The two relatives were both on oxygen.

Both Browning and Abbett were booked into the Tulsa County jail.