By Dan Bewley, The News On 6

COWETA, OK -- A Coweta family is celebrating a miracle.

Daniel Fuller was 13 weeks premature and weighed one pound, one ounce when he was born. 

On Saturday, Daniel turned one. 

Surrounded by a proud mom and dad and a loving family, little Daniel Fuller turned the calendar on year one.

The Coweta toddler has quite the story to tell and a father, who a year ago, wasn't sure if his wife or son would survive.

"I had my wife in critical condition and a baby in critical condition, it was pretty stressful," said Justin Fuller, Daniel's father.

The Fuller's knew something was wrong when doctors discovered Daniel had stopped growing in the womb. They tested for Down syndrome, but found nothing. 

A short time later, Daniel's mom came down with a rare syndrome and her liver began to fail. The only way to save either her or her unborn baby was to deliver Daniel 13 weeks before his due date. He weighed one pound, one ounce.

Daniel has truly beaten tremendous odds. Doctors say babies born more than 13 weeks premature have less than a 20% chance of survival.

Daniel is now the size of a nine-month-old and his doctors say his progress is exceptional. His parents say he is just a normal little boy, who is crawling and getting into everything, and is happy.

Doctors say crossing the one-year mark for micro preemies like Daniel is a major hurdle.

Daniel's family says they're ready for whatever happens in the future, for they've already taken a long journey together.

"Every day is a new experience for us, it's a journey. We have no expectations, but we're just thrilled with everything that's transpired," said Kristi Fuller, Daniel's mother.