JENKS, OK -- Downtown Jenks will be without water for about three more nights as the city continues to install a new water line.

Beginning on Thursday, February 18th and continuing for at least three consecutive nights through Saturday, February 20th, the water supply to the downtown Jenks area will be shut down from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

The affected area runs from 9th Street to just west of Elm Street and north of 101st Street. The water supply must be shut down to allow connections and tie-ins related to construction of a new water line along A Street.

It is recommended that customers store water that will be needed during shut off times.

Customers are also encouraged to call the city if water service is not restored by 5 a.m.

They should call the Jenks Police Department at 299-6311 before 9 a.m. or the Water Department, 299-5363 after 9 a.m