TULSA, OK -- Two Tulsa Police Officers and a civilian driver were transported to the hospital after an unmarked Tulsa Police car was involved in an accident Saturday night at 26th and Riverside.

The wreck took place when the officer behind the wheel pulled a U-turn to pursue a speeder traveling southbound just before 11 p.m. and collided with another car that failed to yield to an emergency vehicle.

According to Captain Shawn King of the Tulsa Police Department, the TPD officer behind the wheel turned on the vehicle's emergency lights and pulled into the outside lane of traffic to make a wide U-turn. Another vehicle that had been following the police unit attempted to pass in the inside lane as the police car was turning.

The two cars both sustained front end damage in the accident. The civilian car ran over a small tree on the river trail before coming to a stop.

The drivers of both vehicles were transported to the hospital to be checked out. The Reserve Officer who was a passenger in the police car was reported to be nauseous and disoriented after hitting his head. The woman driver of the second vehicle complained of back pain, King said.

The police unit was part of a special DUI grant patrol, he said.