SAND SPRINGS, OK -- The city of Sand Springs says an anonymous businessperson has stepped forward with a $3,200 donation to continue hot meal deliveries to approximately 50 local homebound senior citizens through the end of May.

In a news release, city officials say the generous donation will assure that hot meals continue to be delivered five days a week for the time being.

State funding cutbacks threatened to reduce the state of Oklahoma's program for homebound senior meals to alternating days, beginning last November.

City Manager Douglas Enevoldsen says the city funded the $3,200 monthly cost to provide full meal deliveries through the end of 2009.

Sand Springs Masonic Lodge No. 475 held a fundraiser and received contributions to continue the service through March. George Taubel, president of Oklahoma Energy Services Inc., provided a donation to fund the meals through April.

"We are so fortunate that we have experienced the generosity of people and organizations in our community to keep this vital program going. The most recent donation is a testament to this community's tradition of helping those in need," said City Manager Douglas Enevoldsen. "However, the need will continue indefinitely, and a more permanent answer must be found to keep a steady supply of meals coming."

The release says Enevoldsen has begun to reach out to various members of the Sand Springs faith community in an effort to find a permanent solution to the program.