TULSA, OK -- Lots of folks got a taste of life at the new downtown ballpark Thursday night. A week away from opening night, the Drillers showed off the new suites at ONEOK Field.

But the star on Thursday was the food - as the team unveiled its luxury menu. The News On 6 crew came back raving about the desserts.

The Drillers' owner is impressed with how far they've come.

"A lot of credit goes to Manhattan Construction for building something that normally would take 22 to 24 months and completing it in 14 months time, and doing such a great quality job with the project," said Chuck Lamson, owner of the Tulsa Drillers.

Many of you have seen more of the ballpark than the players have. The team won't see the field until Monday.

The News on 6 will be broadcasting live from ONEOK Field on opening day, with stories on the team's history and the features at the new stadium.

Then we'll turn over to our sister station, the TULSA CW. We'll broadcast the Drillers first game in their new home, starting with the opening pitch at 7 p.m.