BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - A Broken Arrow woman and her therapy pet kangaroo are moving to McAlester, at least temporarily.  

Irwin the kangaroo became the center of controversy in 2011 which resulted in the Broken Arrow city council revising its exotic animal ordinance. 

The revisions allowed the partially disabled kangaroo owned by Christie Carr to stay in the city limits.

Under the ordinance, Carr had to obtain a permit requiring her to have a $50,000 insurance policy for any injuries inflicted by the animal, certification that the animal has adequate housing for its health and to meet all federal and state guidelines for licensing.

In April 2011, an anonymous donor paid the liability insurance for Irwin.

Broken Arrow city officials say Carr has not filed the necessary paperwork as required by the ordinance.

"If she did not fill out the paperwork, we are going to have to take Irwin away from her," said Stephanie Higgins, City of Broken Arrow Spokesperson.

She tells News On 6 she and Irwin are moving to McAlester until she can get all the paperwork filed and approved.

"I talked to McAlester animal control and they were very nice," Carr said.

The bottom line: the City says just fill out the paperwork for an exception to the animal ordinance.

"I do not see the city council denying this application," Higgins said.

Carr says she doesn't trust the city. She'll fill out the forms, but until the process is completed, she and Irwin are leaving town.

The process should take about 30 days.

Ultimately, the City Council would be the final authority, and if they approve, Irwin would be legal and welcome in his old neighborhood.