SEQUOYAH COUNTY, Oklahoma - The bald eagle population in Oklahoma has grown by two.  

A pair of bald eagles has hatched two eggs in a nest near Vian in Sequoyah County.  

Experts with the Sutton Avian Research Center in Bartlesville placed two cameras near the nest, giving anyone with access to the Internet the capability to watch the eaglets grow.

News On 6 has a special page featuring the cameras at nest near Vian as well as cameras at a nest in an artificial tree near Stillwater.

Dan Reinking, the senior biologist for the center, says the Stillwater eagles have been spotted near the nest.

He says that pair has done some work on it, but haven't lined it with grass which would indicate they plan to lay eggs in it.

Reinking says the Stillwater pair is known as a "late" pair, usually nesting in late January or early February.  

The Vian pair, on the other hand, laid its eggs in December.  Two of the three eggs hatched this week.

"We're excited to see them.  The wait is on to see if that third egg is going to hatch," said Reinking.  

Reinking said there's a lot of variation among bald eagles in Oklahoma as far as when they lay their eggs, with some doing it as early as December while others wait two or three months later.