TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa County's jail has a new four-legged occupant. Baxy has a nose for narcotics and is only one of a few dogs in the nation assigned full time to work in a jail.

Baxy is a three year old Belgian Malinois who came to Deputy Miranda Munson and the Tulsa County Sheriff's office last October.

Before that, she worked in Van, Texas where she had several big busts, including, finding a hidden compartment filled with $400,000 cash, a pound and a half of marijuana and another nearly $12,000 on a traffic stop.

Now, she's using her nose to sniff out contraband brought in by jail visitors, who then leave it in the public bathrooms or the visitor's area for a trustee to smuggle to the inmates.

Working a jail isn't easy.

"Lot of different smells, distractions, people yelling at her, it's a very different environment," said Deputy Miranda Munson.

"She's found marijuana, she's found needles and crack residue inside a jacket left in the lobby. She's found quite a bit," Munson said.

She loves to work. She is the sniffing queen, even when things are buried in trash, coffee grounds, chemicals, she can still hone in on her targets.