TULSA, Oklahoma - As turbulent times continue for American Airlines, the Tulsa Metro Chamber is speaking out about US Airways' plan to possibly take over American.

It says it is working with American's three major unions to "make a merger a reality."

American is currently in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which allows reorganization under the bankruptcy laws of the United States.

Right now, the airline faces losing 14,000 jobs.

For the first time since this possible takeover was announced, the Tulsa Metro Chamber say it has taken a stance on doing whatever is best for the City of Tulsa and northeastern Oklahoma.

"American is a great company. They've been in Oklahoma since back in the 40s... They have about 7200 employees here and we want to preserve as many of those high paying jobs in this community that we can," the chamber's Jim Fram said.

Fram says the chamber hopes American will continue to be a dominante airline.


"There's a lot of possibilities -- a lot of decisions to be made, a lot of different tracks that this thing could take -- and so we have really chosen to remain focused on retaining as many of the quality jobs as we can, growing jobs, growing the capital investment in Tulsa, Oklahoma," Fram said.

Mike Neal, president and CEO of the Tulsa Metro Chamber, said the organization continues to monitor American's bankruptcy and restructuring process.


"While this process is difficult, it is necessary for American to emerge a viable company," Neal said.

"Premature discussions of mergers with competing companies only serve as a hindrance to the significant progress being made by the negotiating teams. While any merger discussion must wait until the company emerges from bankruptcy proceedings, we are confident the best option for success of American Airlines is to emerge from bankruptcy protection reorganized as a strong, viable and independent company."

Mayor Dewey Bartlett said he is rooting for whatever will keep jobs in Tulsa.

"I am hopeful for the best outcome in the Tulsa region to retain the maximum number of American Airlines jobs," Bartlett said. "Local discussion affirms significant progress is being made between the negotiating teams. Consensual agreements between American and its unions will preserve the most jobs for Tulsa and Oklahoma. We are confident the company will emerge in a positive position to grow and continue investments in the Tulsa region."