McALESTER, Oklahoma - Two Oklahoma City women are in the Pittsburg County jail after they allegedly left a bag containing three cell phones and a pound of marijuana next to a dumpster at Jackie Brannon Correctional Center in McAlester.

Deputies and correction officers say they watched Stacy Carter, 26, and Marla Ramos, 28, as they parked in the prison's parking lot and left the bag on prison property Saturday.

Pittsburg County Joel Kern says this is a continuing problem at prisons in his county.

Kern says deputies search visitors every Saturday entering Jackie Brannon Correction Center. He says over the past month, his deputies have recovered 16 cell phones and a variety of drugs people were trying to sneak into prison.

Carter and Ramos were arrested on complaints of bringing contraband into prison and bringing marijuana into prison. Both are felonies.

Kerns says his office's drug dog is very good at finding contraband, but still people persist in bringing illegal items onto prison property.