TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa's burglary unit is focusing on catching the worst burglars out there, those people who hit dozens of places each week.

They believe they got two of them off the streets Wednesday.

Police say two men would go work a construction job or a fence-building job, and houses right next door would get broken into at the same time.

Police noticed the pattern and tracked them down, along with plenty of stolen items.

It's never a good sign when you are out in front of your house handcuffed, but that's what happened to Michael Faith and Chad Bruder on Wednesday.

Police, armed with arrest warrants, said they tied the men to a larger group that was breaking into home and also stealing Honda parts.

"Some people go to work 8 to 5, but some people do burglaries 8 to 5 and that's the ones we're really trying to stop," Tulsa Police Corporal Gene Watkins said.

As you can imagine, all this commotion brought out some neighbors, including Sara.

When Sara heard the men were being arrested for stolen property, she had one thought pop into her head.

"We went on vacation in February and came home and our house had been ransacked and everything was stolen out of our house," she said.

Sara talked to the officers and gave them her police report number so they could check for some of her missing items.

"I'm just kinda standing back and watching to see if my stuff comes out of their house," Sara said.

She especially wants her son's piggy bank back and a necklace that belonged to her father and her laptop, which contains the only pictures she had of her daughter who died at birth.

"It's kinda frustrating," she said.

Police carried out quite a few things from Faith and Bruder's house. Now comes the tedious job of going through everything and comparing it to police reports of recent cases – and trying to get the items back to the victims while Faith and Bruder cool their heels in jail.

Records show Faith has about a dozen previous convictions for drugs, stolen cars and stolen property.

Police arrested a couple of men last week from another group that was committing thefts, but say even though they're catching lots of serial burglars, it's frankly hard to keep up because it seems for every one they put in jail, more pop up.