TULSA, Oklahoma - A bill has passed both the Oklahoma senate and the house that changes protective orders.

Right now, a protective order can only be issued for up to three years, but if the Governor signs the bill into law, they can be issued for up to five years and in some cases even longer.

Victims of stalking and domestic abuse want one thing more than anything else: to be safe. House Bill 2396 is hoping to do just that.

The bill would grant victims a five year protective order, and in some cases, might even get a protective order for life.

Most people know you can file for an emergency protective order at the courthouse, but there is another option: The Family Safety Center at 3010 South Harvard (918-742-7480).

The center offers a daycare, chaplain, a nurse and advocates. It's all handled via closed circuit TV with the judge, so your suspect is not in the same room.

DVIS tries to make the process as easy as possible, understanding the situation involves a lot of fear and change.

Representative Wade Rousselot and Senator Kim David sponsored the bill. If the Governor signs it, DVIS believes it will be a big step toward giving victims the longer term protection many of them need.

DVIS/Call Rape hotline number: 918-7HELPME.