TULSA, Oklahoma - Two people were killed in a fire at Brandy Chase condominiums Sunday afternoon, EMSA confirmed.

Tulsa Fire and EMSA responded to the fire near 67th Street and Peoria around 3:20 p.m.

George Edward Midcalf, 57, and Jocqueline Easley, 51, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Easley and her boyfriend, Midcalf, were cooking, but apparently went to sleep, according to neighbor Susie Poston.

Poston, who was visibly shaken, said she left to run an errand, and when she came home, she knew something was horribly wrong.

"When I pulled in the neighborhood, I saw smoke coming out of the dryer vent upstairs above her condo so I just threw everything down and ran," Susie Poston said. "Beat on her door and screamed her name and when I did the window broke in the kitchen and the flames started coming out. The smoke was so heavy even outside that I couldn't breath it so it just to have overcome them."

Poston said she couldn't ask for a better neighbor.

Easley, she said, was friendly, confident and outgoing.

"I called her Wacky Jackie, that was her name," Poston said. "She dressed to the nines and wore big sunglasses all the time, and she was great. She was really a different kind of girl."

Poston said Easley and Midcalf had only met three weeks ago when he gave her a ride while she was waiting at the bus stop.

Poston called them the perfect couple.

"She just met him," Poston said. "She just told me last night that he was sent from God to her and I think he was, he was a great guy."

The residents who live above the fire escaped unharmed.

Tulsa Fire Department Capt. Stan May later confirmed the fire started in the kitchen. May said when TFD arrived, they found the bodies on the bed.

Neighboring condos sustained smoke damage.

The fire officially has been ruled an accident.