TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Bixby "Green Corn Festival" wrapped up Saturday with a parade. Downtown Bixby has been a lot of fun since Thursday when the festival kicked off.

As always, there was something in the parade for everyone.

"I thought it was great. Of course everybody loves the Shiners, and the Bixby band - I thought they did really well," said Joyce Totty. Her husband Don liked the Mustang cars.

After the parade in Bixby, the attention changed to Broken Arrow with the Taste of Summer Festival. The free Blue Bell ice cream was more than welcomed this summer.

Over the past 11 years, the Festival has grown - with thousands of people coming out to get in on the "all you can eat" tasty treats.

This year, there was an obvious fan favorite.

"Everybody loves the cotton candy. Cotton candy ice cream - everybody loves it," said April Sailsbury with the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce.

Organizers think about 17,000 people went to downtown Broken Arrow for the fun.