Notice the max/min temperature map on the right so far today, courtesy of the OK Mesonet. Triple digits were once again common for the more western counties but the more eastern counties managed to avoid those extremes. However, when the combination of heat and humidity is included, or the heat index, then triple digits were pretty much statewide as the second map on the right clearly shows. In other words, the higher humidity levels in the eastern counties have more than made up for the somewhat higher temperatures further west.

Of interest is the total number of triple digit days so far this year across the state which is the third map on the right, also courtesy of the OK Mesonet. Most of E OK has yet to register a triple digit day with the exception of the immediate Tulsa metro area and points immediately westward. Officially, Tulsa now has 7 triple digit days with today making it 4 in a row.

So, this late summer heat wave is trying to make up for what has been a relatively mild summer and a relatively mild August up to this point. Fortunately, we are into the time of year when temperatures are normally on the downward slide toward Fall and Winter as our days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Even so, we may have one more triple digit day on Tuesday here in Tulsa and heat index values will likely be at or above triple digits just about everywhere once again. But, the trend will be for temperatures to gradually taper off as the week progresses although still above normal. Also, our nights will continue to be much warmer than normal with morning lows only dropping into the low-mid 70s for most locations.

This late summer heat wave has also come at the cost of little or no rainfall and the vegetation is starting to get stressed due to the lack of moisture recently. Notice the 4th map on the right which shows the rainfall over the last 2 weeks which has been spotty at best.

However, as mentioned there is some relief in sight later in the week, not only with respect to temperatures but also with respect to at least a chance of showers/storms. The wind pattern aloft will allow for a disturbance to come our way with more cloud cover and also at least a chance of showers/storms. We may see some activity by Friday although it appears to be more likely as we go into the coming weekend. Not going to get too excited about those prospects just yet as the longer range guidance has not been very consistent so far, but at least there is a chance. Notice the 7 day QPF map also on the right which has the more active pattern obviously somewhere else, but at least we will have a chance for some rain. The extra clouds and chances of rain should also bring temperatures to near if not a little below normal over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the longer range guidance brings temperatures back to above normal levels in the 8-14 day time frame but at least the prospects for additional triple digit days should be in the slim to none category by then.

So, stay cool, stay tuned, and check back for updates.

Dick Faurot