BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - A Broken Arrow teenager is home after his explosive handiwork took off a piece of his hand, when the boy fired off a homemade firework at school.

The 16-year-old boy went to Vandever Elementary on Sunday – no students were around - because of its open spaces with parking lots and a field.

The teenager had taken powder from some leftover fireworks and made his own.

Police said some of that powder spilled out, which caused his firework to explode. They said the boy lost some of his finger tips on his left hand and muscle on his forearm.

Two friends, who were with him at the time, called the teenager's dad, who picked him up and drove him to the hospital.

He was speeding, with his hazard lights flashing, when police pulled him over. That's how they found out about the explosion.

They said the boy is lucky to be alive and hope the accident will be a lesson to other kids.

“Just because you find something on the Internet or somebody tells ya, 'Hey this is how you do it,' just try to use common sense and take caution, and try to think things through before acting,” said Corporal Leon Calhoun with Broken Arrow Police.

Police said the teenager was just experimenting. He wasn't trying to damage anything, but it's illegal to shoot off fireworks in the city, so he could face a fine.

Since it was an explosive device, a stronger punishment is possible, but that would be up to the district attorney.