The United Aerospace Workers Local 952 workers assigned to the Gulfstream 280 and Gulfstream 650 programs will meet and vote at 2:30 p.m. Sunday over an asset purchase by Triumph Group Inc. based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Triumph Group has operations across the U.S. including a aerospace plant in Grand Prairie, Texas.

 quotes a Spirit Aerosystems spokesman who says no decision has been made yet on the sale of the Tulsa facility.

“The company is continuing the process related to the possible sale of its Tulsa operations,” Spirit spokesman Jarrod Bartlett stated. “This type of activity is a normal part of the process preparing for a possible sale. A final decision has not been made on the sale of the Tulsa facility.”

Spirit AeroSystems employs 2,300 in Tulsa, many of whom are represented by the UAW.

The Tulsa Spirit AeroSystems plant builds the wings for Gulfstream planes. It also makes wing components for Boeing 737, 747, 777 and 787 commercial airliners.

The newspaper says some experts expect Spirit AeroSystems to sell the Gulfstream work to Triumph.