TULSA, Oklahoma - The search is over for a man police said went into an eastside Papa John's Pizza store, shooting and killing an employee Sunday

At daylight police started looking for Joshua Silkey after they had to call off their search of a wooded area Sunday night.

Just hours after resuming the search, police said they found Silkey dead in the woods near a south Tulsa neighborhood. They said he'd shot himself.

Neighbors stayed on guard all night after police found Silkey's car parked near the area.

Neighbor, Ron West said, "It was pretty hectic down here. The helicopter was circling forever and ever around here and the police cars were up and down the streets and up at the end of the street."

West was one of several neighbors who kept their doors shut and lights on when they learned a murder suspect might be hiding in the woods.

Tulsa homicide detectives believe Silkey shot and killed Papa John's Pizza store employee, 20-year-old Griselda Gallardo, Sunday afternoon and drove away.

Investigators got a tip that led them to Silkey's abandoned car near 96th and Garnett.

"They were trying to basically grid the wooded area, that was going to be the easiest way for us search that area is very dense," said Tulsa Police Officer, Jill Roberson.

Police searched the area south of the Creek Turnpike and Highway 169 interchange Sunday evening and Monday morning.

"Once we started to do a canvas in the area we did have residents that heard a gunshot, one single gunshot, and so that really led us to believe that he was going to be in this wooded area," Roberson said.

Armed with machetes, detectives and officers cut through the thick brush. About an hour later, police found Silkey's body. They said he shot himself, and Roberson said he knew Gallardo.

"There was some type of relationship that he wanted to have. She was not willing to have that relationship with him and ultimately he went to that location and shot her," she said.

West is thankful he and his neighbors can go outside, now that the search for Silkey is over.

The medical examiner's office took Silkey's body for an autopsy.