OKMULGEE, Oklahoma - An Okmulgee woman never thought she'd be robbed at her own front door, but that's what happened in the middle of the afternoon.

She just cashed a paycheck at the bank, made a few stops, then went home. The man didn't seem threatening or mean, in fact, she said he smiled at her before he lunged.

She wants others to know that if it can happen in broad daylight to a woman who's married to a deputy, who lives in a small town, in a quiet, nice neighborhood -- it can happen to anyone.

"… I said, ‘Can I help you? And he said, ‘Yeah,' and he reached across and grabbed my purse, and of course, I was fighting for it and we struggled for a minute,” robbery victim Maci Reed said. “Then he pushed me back into the door. I had heels on my boots and lost my balance, and I fell and my arm came up and he got my purse from my arm."

He reached into her purse and grabbed the cash she'd gotten from the bank a short time earlier, threw her purse on the ground and he jumped into the car and took off.

Maci was more shocked than scared during the ordeal, then it sunk in.

“Then I was shaking and scared and crying and calling police," she said.

She also called her husband, who is a Tulsa County deputy.

It hurts him that he wasn't there to protect her, and it angers him that his wife was just going about her normal routine and still was victimized.

"You come to your home, that's supposed to be a safe haven from monsters like that, and they come to you," husband Dean Reed said.

Maci said her robber was a white man in his 40s, wearing a grey hoodie, dingy jeans and a stocking cap. She said his car was a white, 90s four door that had seen better days.

She's just glad he didn't approach one of her elderly neighbors or have a weapon.

"I never thought anybody would jump on me like that,” Maci Reed said. “It was scary, it really was, now that I think about it. Just glad I didn't get hurt bad."

She said even if she had pepper spray in her purse, she couldn't have gotten to it, and now, she's practicing scenarios in her head to be better prepared if there's a next time.