TULSA, Oklahoma - Philip Montgomery knows how to coach explosive offenses; as the coordinator at Baylor he's overseen the nation's top ranked attack this season.

TU Athletic Director Dr. Derrick Gragg said Montgomery was the school's first choice, and now Montgomery has his first college head coaching job; he's stressing a blue-collar approach.

“I want our staff to be hungry. I want our players to be hungry. I want all of them to be driven. We'll be determined and focused on the task at hand. And that's to put a lot of points on the board, win a lot of football games, and bring conference championships back to this university," he said.

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The offensive guru is ready to come in and work with a team that ranked 91st in the nation in scoring offence and trying to reverse a 2-10 season.

"You've got who walks through the door. And so, our offense is going to allow some flexibility as to how we do it. We'll be explosive, we'll be fast paced," Montgomery said.

After meeting with players, the losing mentality needs to change.

"Winning's fun, that's the point we want to get to,” he said, “and so, we've got to make sure that we hold on to that and make sure we fight for that."

Quarterback Dane Evans can't wait for Montgomery's explosive offensive system.

"It excites me, it excites the offensive guys it even excites the defensive guys just because of how he talked about his defensive philosophy,” said Evans. “His offense has always put up numbers - top four in the last four years, top two in the last two if I'm not mistaken - and that's exactly what we want."

Keevan Lucas had a record setting year last year in Tulsa's offense, and he's very excited for a coach that recruited him, to do well in his offense.

"He's definitely somebody that I've always wanted to play for, especially when I was being recruited in high school. It's good to actually know that, okay, I have a chance to be as good as those guys were over there," said Lucas.

With expectations of a high-flying offense, Montgomery is already trying to start some new traditions.

"Love to get Goldie out there every time we score, let's figure out how we can do that. We'll throw a toy, she can run to me, I don't care," he said.