TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police arrested a woman after they say she tried to rob a man at a home near 26th and Pittsburg Streets on Thursday morning.

Tony Hurt said he was working outside, when a woman implied she had a gun and approached him.

The woman reportedly threatened to kill him saying, "give me your keys or I'm gonna kill ya," if he didn't hand over the keys to his truck.

Hurt said, before the woman could react, he hit her over the head with the handle of the power washer he was holding.

“When you're in fear for your life, you kinda do things you normally wouldn't do," Hurt said.

He said, after the woman ran, he noticed the door to his truck was partially open and that he was missing a pack of cigarettes.

Police arrested 24-year-old Nancy Blair a couple of blocks away. They said she had the victim's cigarettes on her at the time.

They said they are trying to figure out if she is connected to recent business robberies.