TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa dance group is approaching dance in a new way. The Legacy Project merges movement with faith.

Students are honing their skills ahead their first major performance.

In a dimly lit room, a dozen or so dancers take the floor. They hope to deliver a message -- not with words, but with fancy footwork and fluid movement.  

These are Legacy Project Dancers.

“We are here for our faith and for our mission, and we're here to be excellent at what we do," Shayna Acosta said.

When Adam Acosta and his wife Shayna started this dance studio a few years. It was about dance.

It's still about dance but now a lot more: Faith. It's in the music and the storyline of the dance.

“Once God got a hold of me, it changed everything about me and I saw the power and the way that it gave me hope and the way it came me the ability to achieve the impossible,” Adam Acosta said.

All week long, dancers of all skill levels come here to learn. But this group is prepping for its first major performance with the Legacy Project.

The message: Attack your dream and keep going after it.

"There really hasn't been an urban [performance] mixed with contemporary and break dancing, and we're one of the first groups to actually do all of those together,” Shayna Acosta said. “So when we decided to do that we wanted to create something that just moved the crowd and changed hearts. because that's the whole purpose of this is to change people's lives."

Many of the dancers cannot afford expensive dance classes and they might not look the part, but at Legacy, they can come as they are.

“Being here also helps me grow in my faith and become a better man and better dancer," Chris Nored said.

As the group continues to practice, they promise when it's truly showtime, it'll be a life-changing experience for all who watch.

The big performance is at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 14 at the Broken Arrow PAC. You can learn more on the dance company's Facebook page.