TULSA, Oklahoma - A 4-year-old child is dead after an accident in east Tulsa Monday afternoon. Police said the boy put his mother's SUV in neutral, the vehicle hit him and pinned him against another car near 21st and 129th East Avenue.

Traffic investigators spent hours in the 1700 block of South 132nd East Court trying to figure out what happened. Authorities say it's a freak accident, and the loss of the 4-year-old boy has shaken up those who live here.

He died after he was pinned between a maroon SUV and a white car, according to police. The child's mother told officers she left the 4 year old and his siblings in the SUV which was running, and ran inside her home to grab money.

Police say when she came out, she found the boy underneath the car bleeding.

Investigators say the SUV was parked in the driveway when the boy put it in neutral. It rolled out of the driveway, and at some point, the boy jumped out. The SUV then rolled forward, pinning him.

Neighbors are devastated.

"He used to come over every afternoon and say, 'Hi, Ralph,' in Spanish. I'd say hi and blow him kisses and stuff," said neighbor Ralph Carter.

It's been very emotional for neighbors and the officers working the scene. A few neighbors rushed over to give the boy CPR until an ambulance showed up. Police say he was still breathing when he left here but died about 30 minutes later.