TULSA, Oklahoma - Miss Jackson's, the iconic women's department store at Tulsa’s Utica Square, will close in January 2016.

The elegant store has been a staple in the city for more than a century, first opening in 1910 in downtown Tulsa. It moved to Utica Square in the 1960s.

“We are incredibly grateful to the generations of loyal customers and dedicated employees of Miss Jackson’s,” General Manager Judy White said.  “We have always strived to create an unparalleled experience of excellent service and will continue that through our final season.” 

The decision to close Miss Jackson’s was made after careful consideration of the sustainability of a stand-alone, high-end boutique store model, the business said.

“As one of the oldest tenants of Utica Square, they will always be an important part of our history,” Utica Square Property Manager Jessica Barr said. “As we help celebrate the last holiday season with Miss Jackson’s, we at Utica Square are looking forward to the exciting things to come in the new year.” 

Miss Jackson's first opened as a lingerie shop in 1910, then its growing popularity meant a move to larger quarters, and a millinery shop was added. Today, it still carries head-to-toe designer and couture clothing and jewelry, and it has a fur shop, home shop and full-service salon in the penthouse. 

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