TULSA, Oklahoma - Deputies arrested a man for identity theft after finding boxes of personal checks, drivers licenses, government documents and drug paraphernalia in his home Monday evening.

Deputies said a tip led them to 33-year-old Wisam Hibri's home in in the 7600 block of South Urbana. Deputies said they found counterfeit checks and driver's licenses as well as computer equipment used in the manufacture of the items.  

In their arrest report, deputies said they also recovered 841 Department of Justice identity documents containing social security numbers, names and addresses as well as photo copies of Oklahoma drivers licenses.

The sheriff's office says Hibri's arrest is the fourth person believed to be part of a Tulsa counterfeit ring operation.  Last Thursday, Nicholas Russell and Courtney Chadwick were arrested.  Friday, deputies arrested Frank Steigler.

They booked Wisam Hibri into the Tulsa County jail on over 840 complaints of identity theft and forgery. Jail records show he has a court appearance set for November 17.