TULSA, Oklahoma - A local mother said she's frustrated after her daughter's home was broken into, twice, and police only showed up once.

Darlene Lawson said she knows police are understaffed but believes there must be a way to have a more proactive police force, especially since her daughter’s neighborhood has had several break-ins over the last few months and little has been done to stop it.

Lawson's daughter rents a home near 31st and Sheridan and said it has been targeted by thieves; the door has been kicked in twice in two months and her home was ransacked.

"She feels like they're watching her and it's just terrifying, she is scared to stay here by herself," Lawson said.

But, she said what’s even more upsetting is that police never showed up after the second break-in.

"She's just frustrated that you have to be hurt before it's a priority," she said.

Police agree, but Captain Steve Odom said with the number of officers, that's just the reality – especially with around 650 burglaries reported every month.

“You could be next in line to have a break-in at your house investigated, but a shooting, a stabbing and a fatal car wreck go out, which are all going to take priority, and take officers away," he said.

Lawson said she understands that. In fact, she said they didn't mind waiting for a few hours, but when she was told police were tied up indefinitely she got frustrated.

"Just fill out the form online, that's why we have a form online, well that's just kind of sad," she said. "There were four robberies on this street that day, there's got to be something done."

But, police said until there are more officers, they can only do so much.

It’s a frustration for both the citizens and the people who try their best to keep them safe.

If you've had a similar problem or want to improve response times, contact city leaders about more funding for public safety in Tulsa.