STILLWATER, Oklahoma - According to the board that oversees Stillwater Medical Center, it will not bill Oklahoma State University homecoming parade crash victims for out-of-pocket services.

The crash happened on the morning of Oct. 24, when investigators say a woman on a nearby street intentionally drove through barricades and plowed through parade spectators. It killed four and injured dozens. Many of those people were treated at SMC for broken bones. Those with more serious injuries were taken to Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

“We know this has been a very difficult time for our patients and our community,” CEO Jerry Moeller said in a statement. “We wanted to do our best to ease the minds of the victims from the tragic event. …We will file a claim though the automobile claims process and accept any liability funds available as payment in full.”

Patients who have further visits or use rehabilitation services will receive help from SMC to make insurance claims or placement in a financial assistance program,the CEO said.

The amount for emergency room and admitting services for those victims is more than $204,000, a spokesperson said. They said that's about 40 patients in total.

The hospital is not receiving money from #StillwaterStrong Foundation to make up the loss, it said.