BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - A woman is in jail after Broken Arrow police say she shot at her husband Sunday night. They say the shooting took place in the Indian Springs area, in south Broken Arrow.

Melissa Williams, 45, was booked into the Tulsa County Jail after BA detectives questioned her Monday morning.  

Around 9 p.m., BA police were called out to the 600 block of Fairway Drive. When they arrived, they say Melissa Williams was still there.

They say she had been in some type of fight with her husband and ended up shooting at him several times.

When officers arrived, the husband told them he and his wife had gotten into a fight. She reportedly struck him a couple of times with her fist, and he left the house and was getting into his SUV.

That's when police say Melissa Williams shot at the SUV with a Taurus Judge revolver that had been loaded with buckshot as well as .45 long Colt hollow point bullets.

"Two bullets and some buckshot pellets were located in the vehicle that appeared to be of the correct type and caliber to have been fired by the Taurus Judge described by the victim," the arrest report states.

The Infiniti SUV had damage to the hood and windshield police believe was caused by the buckshot and bullets. The husband was bleeding from wounds to his face. Police at the scene weren't sure if he had been shot or injured by shrapnel.

Corporal Leon Calhoun, BA Police spokesman, said Williams was booked on complaints of shooting with intent to kill and domestic assault and battery.