MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - After a manhunt, officers arrested two people they say held a homeowner hostage and beat him up for hours. They were also wanted in connection with an armed robbery shooting that happened at a motel on Sunday.

Around 6:30 Monday night, Muskogee police and the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force located Brittany Chuckluck and Beau Trotter near the intersection of Cherokee Drive and Peak Road.

They were wanted in connection with an armed robbery shooting Sunday at the Days Inn. Then, just hours later, police say the two broke into a home about six miles from the motel, held the man inside hostage for several hours and beat him up.

Monday, Muskogee police and the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force were spread out all across Muskogee County, looking for the two suspects. Officer said they received a tip they were in the area and they were found behind an old shopping center and were taken into custody without incident. No weapons were found. 

The victim Chuckluck and Trotter are believed to have held hostage, Danny Thornburg, just got out of the hospital and said he endured a beating.

"All I know is I took one hell of a hell of a rodeo,” Thornburg said. “I'm just thanking God I'm alive."

Thornburg lives on the east side of Muskogee and answered his back door early Monday morning to two people who forced their way into his home after they tried to steal his truck.

For five hours, Thornburg said he was beaten and kicked.

"I'm banged up from head to toe, and he stole all my money," he said.

Police said two shooting victims from the motel showed up to the hospital and were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Sunday afternoon, members of the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force arrested a third robbery suspect, Jason Maxwell.

"The key to this, is we've got two people that are desperate and on the run," said Lincoln Anderson with Muskogee police. “If they're gonna take somebody hostage for several hours, then there's not any limit to what they're capable of or willing to do."

Thornburg said Chuckluck is also a hostage.

"I just pray to God she gets away from him. I know she is. She tried to run and he was going to kill her. He tied her up for a little bit so he can rest," Thornburg said.

Police said one of the two shooting victims was released from the hospital Monday.