JENKS, Oklahoma - A Florida senator and Republican presidential candidate made a stop at Jenks High School Monday night.

It was a packed house as Marco Rubio spoke to the crowd of several thousand for about half an hour.

The senator has been busy Monday - hitting four cities before even making it to Jenks. He began his day with an early rally in Knoxville, Tennessee, which was followed by Atlanta, Georgia and then Conway, Arkansas.

Following that he made his first top of the night in the Sooner State in Oklahoma City and wrapped up just after 7 p.m.

When the Florida senator finally made it to Jenks, he was introduced by former Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and former Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn, who endorsed Rubio before he came to town.

Rubio focused on bringing back the conservative values of Ronald Reagan, overturning the Affordable Care Act and, of course, he spoke about Donald Trump and said a vote for him would be a vote for Hillary.

“Any time he's pressed on policy he has no answer of any depth. And some people think that doesn't matter, well it should matter, it has to matter. How can you hold someone accountable if they won't tell you what they're gonna do,” Rubio asked.

Jenks was his final stop before Super Tuesday and the presidential candidate ended the night with a push for people to get out, vote and elect him president; he specifically spoke to the younger crowd saying, "Our young Americans have a chance to be one of the greatest generations America has ever produced."