ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - Rogers County Sheriff's deputies arrested three Tulsa murder suspects believed to be members of the Irish Mob gang.

Deputies say they killed a man in Catoosa last month and have ties to a string of recent Tulsa homicides.

Rogers County sheriff, Scott Walton, said this is an example of Tulsa crime bleeding into Rogers County, and his deputies fighting it aggressively.

Cell phone video shows deputies arresting 36-year-old Robert Kilgore. He was booked along with 20-year-old Tyeler Miller and 33-year-old Amy Worsham.

Walton said, "They've all been around recent homicides and a history of violence that literally hell wouldn't have."

All three face first-degree murder charges for the death of 27-year-old Casey Adkins. Deputies found Adkins shot to death on the side of the road in Catoosa.

Three others are also charged.

Cory Kuebler and Shawn Goddard are already in jail for other crimes while another woman, Rhema Cannon isn't in custody yet.

Tulsa Police Homicide Sergeant Dave Walker said the group has ties to the Irish Mob and several of them are part of a web of drug-related Tulsa murders last month.

Walton said, "We surely want to safeguard the fact that these Tulsa thugs aren't coming over here and applying their trade in Rogers County."

Here are some of those connections:

Tulsa Police arrested Kilgore's brother, Cory Kuebler, in this August 21st homicide. They say he shot a man in the face for owing a drug debt.

Several hours later, police responded to a double murder in east Tulsa. They say the woman killed in that case was involved with Adkins, the Catoosa victim.

It all sounds complicated, but Walton's message is simple, “This type of activity certainly won't be tolerated here. We're aggressive and proactive toward these types of individuals."

The Catoosa murder was the only one in the string of homicides committed in Rogers County, the rest were done throughout Tulsa.