TULSA, Oklahoma - Three down, two to go.

That's The Nutcracker performance count for Tulsa Ballet's first deaf "Baby Clown." That's a little confusing perhaps but, it'll all make perfect sense when you meet her.

Hannah Queen is 7 years-old and is in this year's Tulsa Ballet production of The Nutcracker.

"They picked me because they thought I did well at the auditions," said Hannah's mother, Angela, as Hannah signed to her. "I dance, I'm a baby clown, that's the part I have."

Angela said Hannah loves to do cartwheels, so the baby clown gig is perfect for her.

But this isn't her first exposure to dance, she also dances at Jenks Dance Academy and rehearsed recently for the Christmas show.

Hannah was born deaf but now wears hearing aids, and they are opening her experiences.

"Now I can listen to music, and I can dance, and it's beautiful and I can get better now," she signed. "When I get better and better I'll be famous."

Look for Hannah Friday evening and in Saturday's matinee performance of The Nutcracker at the Tulsa PAC.