TULSA, Oklahoma - Santa Fe Square will take up an entire block in the Blue Dome District and the first steps of finishing one of downtown’s largest developments in decades are underway.

Some call it the super block - a lot that sits between 1st and 2nd and Elgin and Greenwood.

In August of 2015, Nelson Stowe unveiled plans for it; and next week you'll start to see that the $150 million project is underway.

“This is the first sign of us moving, so we are going forward for sure,” Developer Casey Stowe said.

The developers of the 110-room Indigo hotel are ready to get started, and that means rerouting a sewer around the block.

With all the work going on, you can expect some lane changes and closures around Elgin.

Stowe said, “There will be some exciting activity in this area for a while.”

As for the 50,000 square feet of retail space, we couldn't squeeze out any details on specific tenants - they are only saying demand is high.

“Downtown is really crying out for some retail, so the retail element should be fantastic,” said Stowe.

But the largest part of the development is the commercial and office space - 70,000 square feet - and they have no doubt they will fill it.

Stowe said, “The nice thing about building something new is that it is brand new, and there are a lot of office tenants that want to be in a brand new space.”

The more than 200 apartments will most likely be changing from the original design. American Residential said it’s exploring a more contemporary look and trying to find a way to make them more affordable than other options downtown.

“With a big project it takes a long time to plan and build, so there is some movement, but we are pretty close to finalizing it. There is a lot going on downtown and we are going to be a big addition to it,” Stowe said.